5 steps of buying
a horse in Europe

5 minute guide
5 simple steps that can help you successfully buy a horse in Europe with no downsides.
Step 01

Meet and talk

The typical process is as follows. We meet and talk over all the details and identify inconsistencies, if any. Dont be surprised, but your vision of your future horse can change radically.

Once we’ve settled on your preferences and if your intent is still serious, we then proceed.

As we will be looking for your horse in Europe, there are two ways of doing it. The best method, and what I would recommend to any aspiring rider, is to personally travel to Europe and try pre-selected horses. When it is not possible to travel, you’re still able to select the right horse, but it might take more time and resources.
Step 02

Travel and visit

It should be borne in mind that different stables are often geographically remote, and a detailed travel schedule is required.

An appropriate range of services is offered for each individual, and the entire enterprise should be comfortable and smooth.

Horse hunting trips are educational and full of excitement.
  • You can see how the horses are taken care of in the real-world
  • Improve your riding while trying horses
  • Meet pro riders
  • Visit top competitions
  • Buy whatever you need at fine European tack shops
Step 03

Pick and choose

We will pre-select horses and show you videos of them. Then we will make a schedule for you to try all pre-selected horses.

Sometimes we will be able to collect horses in one location, but often we will need to drive to various locations on one day. You normally try a few horses per day.

The choice is a delicate matter because you need to achieve the perfect match between the horse and the rider.
Step 04

Vet check and

When you have made your choice, we will arrange and supervise the vet check. Pre-purchase vet check is very important and must include some essential blood work for export. If it confirms that the horse is suitable for your purposes, you need to arrange the payment at this stage and you will be good to go.
Step 05

Quarantine and

We will then make arrangements with a transportation company who will then organize the full shipment, administrative details, testing, quarantine, road and air transport, customs and veterinary issues in the exporting country. After 14-day quarantine your horse will be ready to fly to you.

If you would like your horse to stay in Europe for a while for further training we can also arrange this for you.

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