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Alla Poloumieva

I started riding in Russia when I was 9 years old and then continued in Singapore and Indonesia.

I have lived in Singapore and Indonesia for more than 20 years. I kept horses there and supervised the day-to-day activities of an equestrian club in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over the past few years, I have been concentrating more on training and competing in Europe. All my dressage and jumping horses are based in The Netherlands, where I also train and compete.

Naturally, I found like-minded colleagues who share my values. Cooperation with them makes a significant contribution to my business on a daily basis.

Daan Van Geel and Mareille Schroder

Show jumping

Only the best is good enough. This may perform as motto for the family of Dan and Mareille, International Grand Prix riders in showjumping.

Their company focus in developing young horses up to GP horses. So, Dan and Mareille are busy with scouting and selecting showjumping horses with top potential in Holland. They produce and educate them for high sport and then the buyers look for their services.

They are able to find the best quality showjumping horses of all levels and ages for everyone — amateurs, professionals, or Olympic level athletes.

Their main customers are located in Europe, USA, Mexico, Russia, and Indonesia. They proactively collaborate with top riders and breeders in The Netherlands.

Annemieke Vincourt


Annemieke is a Dutch International Dressage Grand Prix rider.

Annemieke Vincourt, the owner of Stal Krom, is a Grand Prix dressage rider and is a Dutch National Federation Coach Level 5. Her focus is developing dressage horses and riders as well as servicing clients in many countries. Annemieke trained riders and horses up to the Grand Prix level and assisted individual riders and teams at four Asian Games. Annemieke's clients are located in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Middle East and Russia.

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